Why do you focus on Texas only?

We believe in a local food system and thus our name is our program and a statement of intent. 

So, why Texas?

Texas is the state with the second-largest agricultural sector US. In 2017 there was a reported 130 million acres of farmland and a whopping $24.9 billion contribution to the Texan economy. That’s a large contribution to the US agricultural sector – an impressive heritage of farming that has the potential to be progressive and forward-thinking in our current climate. That’s why we want to highlight the best of what the Lone Star State has to offer, and to empower local Texans, as well as those visiting our beautiful state, to make the best choices for themselves, their families, and the environment.

Last but not least, our founder here at TexasRealFood has some really close ties to Texas. Basically we just love our state!