What is TexasRealFood all about?

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TexasRealFood is part of the local food movement in Texas. As our name suggests, we are all about real food made in the Lone Star State, and about promoting the people who make it. 

But what is real food? 

When we talk about real food, we mean the opposite of processed food that is made in factories and factory farms, and full of harmful chemicals end empty calories, often shipped to us from places thousands of miles away.  This is food that destroys our health and the environment. 

At TexasRealFood, we believe that we need to shift away from processed foods, carbohydrates and sugar, and back towards fruit, vegetables and meat. We believe that real food is made by real people, who care about their produce, and the put their heart and soul into what they do. To discover the people behind real food, check out our directory by clicking here.

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