Is there a way to promote my business on TexasRealfood?

In near future we will be launching our premium features, which are available to businesses for a fee. 

There are a number of ways that will help us tick over, including premium listings, sponsored content, affiliate links, and e-mail promotions as part of our paid features. If businesses wish to feature more prominently, they can choose to be included in our featured listings, advertise via our email promotions, or appear first for key search terms as a sponsored listing. 

Alongside this, we feature affiliate linking in our articles and features. This costs nothing for the consumer or businesses, but, if an item is purchased through our link, we gain a small commission on the sale. We will always ensure that any advertising or affiliate content is of the same high-quality that our featured businesses and consumers expect from TexasRealFood.

Please check back regularly, or get in touch with us directly if you’d like to be notified once our premium features are launched.