Are all businesses in TexasRealFood certified organic?

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No, not necessarily. We believe that there are many routes to creating produce that is healthy and beneficial to the environment. That’s why we believe in going ‘beyond organic’. 

What do we mean when we say beyond organic?

Well, the ‘organic‘ label is often misused and misunderstood. Certifications like that of USDA Organic can be incredibly expensive and prohibitive for many small-scale farmers to attain. Alongside this, industrial-sized organic agriculture is still just that, industrial. We believe in focusing on local food systems that build community resiliency. We believe in seasonal, fresh, local produce that, ideally, are working towards a ‘beyond organic’ approach to agriculture and the food industry. This may include many different farming methods. If you want to learn more about farming methods, click here

That being said, many of our listings are certified organic, or follow other production standards and frameworks. Check out the icons on each business listing for a quick overview of what each business adheres to.